Solved – LCD TV IR interferences VS IR Remote Repeater

20120222-233259.jpgI’ve recently bought a new LCD TV for my room.
But wait, what the heck, the remote of the satellite receiver works weirdly, changing 2-3 channels each time I press the prog. button. What’s wrong?

IR disturbances
Searching a bit on the InterWeb, I found that other people had and still have my same issue and it can be boiled down to one of the features of these new generation of  TVs. Some models are equipped with a feature called OPC (Optical Picture Control) which automatically adjusts contrast and brightness according to the room’s lighting. Some TVs allow the user to disable the OPC (or equivalently called) feature, but others – like mine – don’t.

That’s why I had to “deal with it”, up to now. Then I finally found the dumbest, cheapest, and most pratical solution to the problem: paper tape!

Since those IR interferences are just “interferences” and that the IR remote repeater is made to get and ampliate any low-power IR signal, the solution could be only one: to shield the IR repeater’s sensor with something as thick as it wouldn’t let those disturbing low IRs get through yet as transparent as to let stronger signals pass.

As said before, like every high tech solution, it relies on tape 😀

Overlapping the right amount of paper tape layers, I’ve been able to shield the receiver avoiding to make it “blind” to the actual IR remote’s signals.

Problem solved, me 1 IR disturbances 0.

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